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Would you like to feel more in control of runaway emotions? 

Do you want to find your centre and stop being dragged in all directions by others?

Would you like to remember how it feels to trust yourself?

Do you need support with conflicting or overwhelming choices?

Can you feel chains around your heart that ache to be set free?

With the aid of hypnotherapy, you will come to see that you hold all the keys within yourself.  The joy of life is in your hands.  It’s there, feel it.

The great news is that the moment you feel the chains around your heart is the moment they begin to release.  Take control.


anxiety relief

weight loss

sleep improvement

public speaking


self confidence

stress related ailments

fertility and impotence

freedom from addiction

smoking cessation

inner wellbeing



Weight loss - Healthy living

Are you overweight and want to eat more healthily?

Do you want to get fit, enjoy exercise and have a zest for life?

Reduce anxiety - Sleep better

Do you want to experience deep, restful sleep?

Do you need relief from anxiety or panic?

Self confidence

Do you want more confidence when speaking in public? 

Want others to respect your boundaries?

Do fears or phobias get in your way?

Allow the wonders to begin

Analytical Hypnotherapist and Life Mastery Coach

Let me take you on an extraordinary journey inside yourself.  You will find freedom as you come to accept and understand the feelings inside you.   You will discover the beliefs and values that subconsciously guide you today.  You will release the energies and frustrations that hold you back and draw upon all the resources inside you to make enduring improvements to your life.  You choose the improvements that you want to make.  The end result will be a vibrancy, vigour and enthusiasm to take responsibility for your life in ways you never thought possible.

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My Approach

A hypnotherapist deals with what emerges.  To do so effectively requires a deep empathy, an intuition and an appreciation of tangled aspects of psychology, physiology and human needs. The relationship between you and me has a far greater impact upon your results than one might suppose, and so my role is somewhat of a balancing act.  I draw upon academic theory whilst remaining relatable, respectful and humble: my aim is to deliver the best I can for you. I hold your hand firm as a steadfast guide, one human being to another, and we delve where you want or need to go.

My understanding and interpretation draws heavily from the greats of hypnotherapy, some of whom you may be familiar with: Dave Elman, Gil Boyne, Edgar Barnett, Gerald Kein, Stephen Parkhill.  I have benefited from the guidance and tuition of Dr John Butler who has many accolades, not least being the first individual to provide hypnotherapy training to the UK National Health Service.

My psychological approach is in so many ways derived from the work of Carl Rogers, one of the founding fathers of client-centred therapy.  I draw upon an understanding of Fritz PerlsGestalt therapy; RD Laing’s developmental work on family dynamics; Shostrom’s views on manipulation; the existential observations of Yalom, Jung and Rollo May; Smedes‘ work on healing shame and Hutschnecker‘s pivotal “Will to Live”.

And so my goal is to understand you and to allow the magic within you to unfurl. To create a space for you to be accepted, heard and understood and to get to the heart of your conscious and unconscious feelings, values and beliefs. To look for the good in you, to elevate you as a person distinct from any habits or behaviours you may have learned, and to bring solutions to your new-found awareness.

Analytical hypnotherapy lifts a veil on the sources of your fixed ideas and limiting beliefs, helping you to process and review those feelings and see how they are guiding you in your current life.  It brings you to the point of your own perspective, gives you the freedom to see alternatives and to take back control of your life.  To take responsibility for the wholeness of your life experience.  You find harmony and peace inside yourself through a whole variety of approaches, for example by re-examining beliefs that you created as a youngster and carried and reinforced throughout your life.  We look at these beliefs with fresh eyes and bring the wisdom of your adult experience:  what is helping you?  What is hindering you?  What is relevant and helpful to you in living your life today and what is not?  The result is long-lasting improvement; deliberate, rigorous, moving and frequently revelatory.  My aim is to give you a sense of inner completeness, self acceptance, kindness and connection with yourself that you may have never felt before.

I direct my work precisely to your needs and so no session is ever like another.  My role is to work with a committed intention to bring you permanent improvement.  Your role is to engage in the process, dive in with all your will, and decide that this is your day.  When you are ready to make that choice, the wonders within you are allowed to soar in complete freedom.

Once you to find acceptance and congruence within you, acknowledge your uniqueness in this world and free yourself to be the truest, finest and most authentic version of yourself, then my work in our partnership is complete.

 Alongside my work in hypnotherapy, I also work as a Board Certified Coach.  I manage a separate life coaching website which can be viewed here

"I did 2 sessions with Chris as I suffered from insomnia and worry about my professional life. After the second session I began to be able to drift off to sleep more easily and more often than not sleep straight through the night. I felt very safe with him during the process and discovered that I should be thanking emotions that came up rather than try to repress them. I would highly recommend Chris."


"Chris was very present, attentive and engaged and, with the help of his expertise, I was able to reach places within myself that were both surprising and illuminating. I not only found it a very useful and interesting experience, but it also helped unblock and release a significant existential issue that had been unconsciously limiting my life. Thank you Chris!"

Cara Perrett

"I only have very positive things to say about my experiences with Chris. I work in a pressured environment and over time I wasnt sleeping for more than 3 hours a night, I couldn’t focus and I regulary experienced intense panic attacks. My performance at work and my marriage felt like they were spiralling out of control. I have never had hypnotherapy before, to be completely honest, I just assumed it was nonsense (sorry Chris!!) But after only a few sessions I have noticed a significant change! I am sleeping for 8 hours a night, I am calm, focused, productive and overall I feel happy again. I am able to be kind to myself – something I realise I havent been for years. Chris is such a nice guy! Friendly, sensitive, open minded and humours in the right places. I always felt relaxed in his company and I didnt feel pressure at any point. I took a leap of faith and I am so happy I did! Thank you Chris!!"


"Chris is very knowledgeable in various areas of human life, business and finance, as well as the workings of human mind. His expertise comes not only from his professional knowledge, but also from a vast experience in life and business which he abundantly applies in his sessions. I took a couple of sessions with Chris. He knew how to guide me, which questions to ask so that I get a deeper insight into my situation, how to put me in a better place. He is a therapist, a life coach and a business coach in a single person. I highly recommend Chris whether you need a help in your private or professional life."

Sinisa Kruska

"It is always wonderful to work with Chris. Feels like I’m talking to a very good friend, who is truly invested in my success and happiness. We have had 3 sessions on different topics, and each time Chris was doing a very thorough work, not stopping until I got to the root of my problem in hypnoanalysis, and reached a fulfilling closure. I’m very satisfied with the results. The one we did on relationship issues taught me a lot about self love, and now it comes so naturally to take good care of myself. Thank you, Chris, for your devoted work and good energy!"

Ildiko Preiner

"Chris is very knowledgeable and professional. His solid groundedness, warmth and mindful approach assured me that I was in good hands which allowed me to go very deep in the Hypnotherapy session. During the Hypnotherapy session I felt very secure and safe with Chris’s guidance while exploring and meeting the profound learnings. Beautiful experience, thank you Chris!"

Yuri Douse

"Thank you for your pertinent guidance during this hypnosis session, handling the process in such a mindful and professional way, allowing to dive deep into old memories and turning them into a very interesting experience from which a lot of understandings came out. On top of it, what an amazing wave of positive energy you give out! Thanks for all of it!"

Sandra Baer

"Chris listened to me patiently. He did hypnoanalysis to find the root cause of the problem. After the session I felt very relaxed and manage to let go the emotions holding me back. Chris has very good skills and I recommend him. Thanks Chris."

Pankaj Garg

"I had a wonderful session with Chris. He has a patience and understanding that allowed me to feel at ease throughout the entire process. We were able to reach and address blind spots in the mind and its behaviors that manifested throughout life, and I left with a solid action plan to move forward with. Pleasantly surprising results. Thanks again, Chris !"


Frequently Asked Questions

What does hypnosis feel like?

Find a quiet place, take a couple of nice deep breaths, and close your eyes.  That’s what it feels like.  You might become more aware of your body or the thoughts running through your head as your eyes are closed; its a very familiar feeling. 

Is hypnotherapy safe?

Absolutely.  Its a very common state that people drop into many times each day without even realising.  It’s not mind control, there is no truth serum, and you hold the choice at all moments of how to react.

Will it work for me?

Hypnotherapy is a collaboration between therapist and client and so, to ‘work’, each person needs to commit to their part.  I commit to offer my very best to you without judgement, to support you and guide you on your journey.  Your part of the bargain is to put your heart and soul into the process, deeply motivated to change and prepared to trust the process.  That is the only way to release its benefits.  If you are ready to say, ‘Enough is enough, I’m taking back control’, then the experience can be transformative.

If your issues have a medical aspect to them, then please consult your medical practitioner in advance.  Hypnotherapy is not a replacement for medical advice, it is a complementary approach. 

How long will it take?

Every client is different, every goal is unique, and so the best way to find out is for us to talk.  That is why I offer a free consultation.  But this is not open-ended therapy: it is designed to achieve results within a defined timeline. 

If hypnosis is for you, you should start to notice improvements after one or two sessions and make great progress in four to six sessions. 

Can everyone be hypnotised?

In my experience, yes.  I have met many people who believed they couldn’t be: some thought their imagination wasn’t vivid enough, some found it hard to relax, some reported that meditation had never worked…  Every single one of them went into a wonderful state of hypnosis.  Simply want it, and it will occur.

What’s the difference between psychotherapy and hypnotherapy?

Psychotherapy is a conversational therapy, where one engages with the conscious mind.  There are many variants, but clients are usually encouraged to freely associate and to come to their own conclusions about their character, thoughts, feelings and actions in a process of gradually increasing awareness.

Hypnotherapy goes beneath your critical, intellectualising brain and addresses the feeling side of your brain.  Have you ever found yourself in a circumstance where you know exactly what’s wrong, but somehow can’t seem to change?  Hypnotherapy finds the subsconscious conflicts, those fight/flight/freeze responses, that cause people to sabotage their best attempts or ‘willpower’.  We re-assess the beliefs that we hold so closely as truth and allow any trapped energy from our feelings to be released.  With acceptance comes relief and then our choices, conscious or subconscious, can be recalibrated.

What’s the difference between hypnosis and meditation?

Meditation is a method to clear one’s mind of peripheral thoughts and permit a state of quiet contemplation to develop.  Thoughts may rise, but the process lets those thoughts fade away to find a state of inner acceptance.

Hypnosis is actually a state of focussed attention, so quite different.  It brings about a state of heightened awareness.  We challenge our fixed ideas by bringing attention to them and take personal responsibility for a better today.    

Christopher Wadsworth


+41 22 508 7509

Geneva, Switzerland

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