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Do you suffer with exaggerated, uncontrollable or seemingly irrational intense fears around certain situations, environments or objects?  Do you find yourself adjusting your activities or lifestyle to avoid phobic situations?  Hypnotherapy can change your life.


How can hypnotherapy help?


Odd as it sounds, phobias are learned.  The subconscious beliefs associated with the phobia are often generated from one or multiple sensitising events that we are simply unaware of in our lives.  Hypnotherapy offers the chance to not only identify and understand the underlying causes, but to fix the issue permanently.  Sounds like magic, right?

Fear has a purpose in your life, even debilitating fear.  It’s there to protect.  By shining a light on the original events that led your feeling brain to its protective conclusion and bringing new wisdom to those events, the whole reason for the fear becomes a new choice, and like a set of pins being knocked over by a bowling ball each subsequent event can be re-assessed in the light of the preceding.