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Research shows that one of the most critical determinants of change is your relationship with your therapist. 

Believe it or not, it’s even more important than the therapist’s expertise!   You will make more progress with a therapist you get on very well with, even if they only have twenty hours of experience, than one with twenty years of experience who, for whatever reason, you just don’t gel with. 

You might also like to consider how ready you are to make the changes you are focussed on.  Change isn’t haphazard; it occurs in identifiable steps.  You can find information on my coaching website here if you want to read more about this process.

My techniques work, even with individuals who haven’t got what they want from other types of therapy.  As long as your goals are specific, realistic and measurable, our therapeutic relationship is good, and your motivation is strong, you will see results.  I am so sure of this that I work on a ‘no change, no pay’ basis where you will receive your money back if you see no change.

Let’s chat to see where you are today and what you want to achieve.   I set aside time each week specifically for this purpose.

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