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Geneva, Switzerland

Exam Preparation

Are you getting stressed or overwhelmed at the thought of exams? Are you worried that your mind will go blank at the moment you most need to be calm and clear in your thinking?  If so, I can teach you techniques that will help to place you in the right mindset at the crucial moment.  

State-dependent learning is the name that psychologists give to a particular talent we have as human beings: our memories are linked with how we were feeling when we first learned them. So when you sit down to take your exams, it’s important that your mental state is similar to how it was when you first understood the subject.   That way, you recall what you know much more easily. 

Secondly, when we are mentally stressed, our body reacts as if there is a real and imminent physical danger.  It triggers a fight or flight response, energy is diverted towards our muscles, our heart rate and breathing rise and we prepare for combat.  This is clearly not an ideal way to regurgitate and apply knowledge under time pressure.  

I can show you techniques to calm yourself, mentally focus and rehearse your exam success.  That way, when you arrive at your exam, it feels like second nature.  You can bring yourself to a calm, composed and secure mental state, confident and free to perform to the best of your ability.   The techniques are quick, easy and fun to learn and can provide a lifetime of value!

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