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Sexual well-being


The aspects of our lives that are most meaningful to us usually have physiological, psychological, emotional and spiritual elements to them.  Research shows that the mind plays a significant role in sexual well-being, even where physiological causes are identified, and so individuals often report positive results using hypnosis.


How can hypnosis help?


Everyone is different.  But let’s begin by stating that it is essential to consult a medical practitioner prior to engaging a hypnotherapist so that any potential physiological or medication-related causes of sexual dysfunction can be identified.  

Hypnosis facilitates a state of heightened awareness where an individual can become more ‘in tune’ with the messages and feelings inside their body. Associations that we hold towards sexuality can weigh upon us:  feelings of shame, a historical lack of intimacy or the circumstances of an earlier significant encounter can all contribute to our expectations and perception.  Often, those associations are based around misinformation or don’t even belong to us: they were someone else’s opinions that we somehow inherited along our way.  Equally, experiences can conjure up stressors that have nothing to do with sex at all, just because of a coincidental association that now feels all too real and permanent. 

And so hypnosis can offer a moment to recalibrate ourselves, perhaps recognise the shame that we carry inside ourselves, evaluate its sources and start to reclaim our personal power on our own terms.  If we can find the courage to challenge our fixed beliefs, learn from and release our past experiences, then we can free ourselves from what should be, and in this most intimate part of our lives, instead simply be, safe in ourselves.  Free and ecstatic to be ourselves and free to let the sensual world open to us, in our own time, confident in our own boundaries and able to move forward at our own pace, trusting and celebrating in ourselves and in the connections we are free to create. 

Such a wonderful spring clean of the mind can bring about a permanent shift in perception and contribute to a new found sense of self love, self acceptance and freedom where a healthy romantic relationship with a partner can flourish. 

The information on this website should not be considered as medical advice and is not intended to replace a consultation with a medical practitioner. If you have any doubts or concerns about your health, you should seek advice from a medical doctor.  Hypnotherapists are not physicians and hypnotherapy is not a substitute to the practice of medicine or psychotherapy.  Do not rely on any information on this web site in place of seeking professional medical advice.