Christopher Wadsworth


+41 22 508 7509

Geneva, Switzerland

What are my fees?

My work is tailored to your needs, so the best way to plan how you can make progress and understand how long it might take and the investment involved is for us to talk together.   

In the interests of complete transparency, you may find the following a helpful guide before we talk: 

The number of hypnotherapy sessions undertaken is driven by your individual progress.  Each session follows your natural ultradian rhythm and can vary in duration, but as a guide will tend to last around 90 minutes.  Sessions are maintained within a time limit concurrent with your attention and energy levels.   

As a rapid therapy, hypnotherapy tends to extend between four and eight sessions in most cases, but this is merely a guide.  I have countless examples of clients who made the changes they wished to make in a single session. Still, since each individual progresses at their own pace, my best advice is that you will have a better idea after the first or second session about your pace and roughly how long you might wish to engage in hypnotherapy to gain the results you seek.  Improvements are usually rapidly appreciated, so I offer a no-quibble money-back guarantee if you feel you are not progressing after your first four sessions.  

My fees are as follows:

A) Flexible per-session pricing:  CHF 250/session, with discounts for advance payment of six or more sessions. 

B) Tailored package: quoted fee, depending on the complexity of your requirements and the level of service that you require

C) Group class: CHF 80/person/session, available upon demand

D) Pro-bono:  I set aside time to benefit public welfare, so if you represent a charitable institution or have a particular idea you would like to explore that might help a group in need, I encourage you to contact me to discuss.