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Many aspects of live have a psychological element to them, and impotence is no exception.  Of course, it is always important to consult a medical practitioner prior to engaging a hypnotherapist so that any potential physiological causes be identified.  In a sense, however, erections begin in the brain.  Research shows that the mind often plays a role in erectile dysfunction even where physiological causes are identified and so many individuals report positive results employing hypnosis


How can hypnosis help?


Hypnosis facilitiates a state of heightened awareness where an individual can become more ‘in tune’ with the messages and feelings inside the body. Associations towards sexuality can weigh upon us:  feelings of shame, a historical lack of intimacy or the circumstances of an earlier significant encounter can all contribute to our expectations and perception.  Equally, however, experiences can conjure up stressors that have nothing to do with sex at all, just because of a coincidental association.  Hypnosis offers the opportunity to dive deeply into our associations and values and see how they are affecting our lives.  With awareness, we can review if these associations are helpful, sensible and useful in the current moment and bring about a long lasting shift in perception.  This can contribute to a new found sense of self love, self acceptance and freedom where a healthy romantic relationship with a partner can flourish.




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